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Kids Camp

at beaches resorts

We take care of everything
Including your kids

Your kids will love our Kids Camp. You'll love the time off.
At Beaches, we give kids extra attention with tailor-made fun just for them, offering age-appropriate activities for
kids of all ages, from tots to teens. They're always supervised, and kids holidays are all-included. With a staff
that's so caring, it'll feel like your kids are in the loving hands of a family member who just wants to spoil them.

nannies & Kids camps staffers

All nannies and Kids Camp staffers at Beaches Resorts are members of the International Nanny Association, America's oldest and largest in-home child care association. To become accredited, each nanny must meet the minimum requirement of 2,000 hours of child-care services. Additionally, our nannies have been trained in safety, nutrition and child development.

Beaches Resorts is proud to be the first resort company in the world to complete the rigorous International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) training and Autism Certification! Our Kids Camps and our team members are proud to offer families with children with autism and other special needs specialized service, engaging activities and custom dining options so that all families may enjoy a memorable, award-winning Beaches Luxury Included® experience.

Activities for everyone

Medical Issues Details

If a child in the Camp is sick and the parents cannot be located, the child will be taken to a nurse for treatment. The child will be taken out of the Camp and a
one-on-one nanny will be provided. Parents will be charged the After Camp Care rate (see section above). Charges will be applied automatically to the room.

Children will not be permitted to join the Camp for the following reasons:

Important Information:

One-On-One Beaches Buddy Special Services