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Only you know what will make your wedding a dream come true. It's the most important day of your life, after all. So make your celebration uniquely your own, with a destination wedding designed exclusively for – and by – you. Dare to be bold or walk a more traditional path. Invite everyone you know or just your nearest and dearest. Whatever your inspiration, we're here to make it happen.

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inspired by Royalty

inspired by Royalty


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3-Night Stay

Our Free Wedding helps you celebrate your special day with elegance and simplicity. It's the perfect choice for an intimate and memorable occasion.

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1/9 Inspiration: English Royalty Ceremony

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You’ll have an entire team to rally around you as you plan your special day, and to tend to every last detail. They know the Caribbean better than anyone else, have thousands of weddings under their belts, and have a passion to turn your day into something you’ve always imagined.

Wedding Concierge

Versed in all things resort-related, your Concierge is there to assist you in finding the perfect location to host your festivities, and get any and all of your guests squared away in anticipation of your day!

Wedding Planner

Consider this to be your personal Wedding Storyteller. Watch in awe as they uncover your style and create a custom storyboard around your vision. They'll take the ride with you, and tend to every detail along the way.

Wedding Events Team

Otherwise known as Wedding Interpreters, they will work hand in hand with your planner to ensure the vision you’ve created comes to fruition flawlessly.

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Beaches makes it easy for you to preview your dream destination wedding and honeymoon at the resort. Be our guest for 2 nights starting at a rate of $500 per couple.

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