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Our exclusive partnership witheveryone's favorite cast of characters

Only at Beaches® Resorts can children of all ages meet, play and enjoy everyday with the lovable and friendly cast of
characters from Sesame Street®.

Sesame Street® AND Autism: See Amazing in All Children

Sesame Street brings awareness to the unique qualities and similarities that all children possess to help build empathy, respect and understanding among all kids. As a proud sponsor of Sesame Street®, Beaches® Resorts is honored to provide a positive vacation experience for all children–including families with special needs–by creating unique activities and events, as well providing trained and certified staff.

The Caribbean Adventures
with Sesame Street Are Getting More Amazing!


a sweet and curious 4-year-old girl with autism.
She joins the Beaches Resorts' family this Fall to
show that all kids are amazing and that all kids
can be friends.


Join Julia for an activity that
highlights her love for painting
and lets children express
themselves through art.

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Autism-Friendly Resorts

Caribbean Adventures
with sesame street®

Exclusive Themed Activities available as part of your LUXURY-INCLUDED HOLIDAY:

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*Sesame Street and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. Copyright 2004 Sesame Workshop. All Rights Reserved.