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  • Included

    Pirates Island waterpark

    at Beaches Ocho Rios

  • Feel the adrenaline & enjoy the speed thrills

    Get ready to have an absolute blast. Test your skills with adrenaline-inducing, fast-flying, speed-swirling water slides. Sun-up to sun-down, this is super-charged mega-fun unlike anything you've ever experienced! Feet first. Hands up. Go fast.

  • The most thrilling Waterpark in the Caribbean

    The entire family is in for the adventure of a lifetime. Beaches Ocho Rios Pirates Island, an 27,000-square-foot waterpark along the ocean's edge. Kids of all ages will be laughing, splashing and having the time of their lives!

  • Pirates Island Waterpark at Beaches Ocho Rios

    • Treasure Isle Aqua-Play area
      • - Treasure trove of wet and fun
      • - Water cannons
      • - Treasure chest
    • Kid's zone
      • - Zero entry kiddie pool
      • - Misting crab, plashing seahorse and squirting sea turtle
    • Tons of slides
      • - Tube slide, body slide and speed slide
    • Water Crawl Cargo Aqua-Play area
      • - Sea creature themed stepping-stones
      • - Soft-play resilient foam star fish, oyster shell and nautilus shell
  • Pirates IslandWaterpark

    So much fun they wont stop. Good times guaranteed.
    Beaches Ocho Rios Beaches Ocho Rios
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