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At beaches turks & Caicos
september 21 – 25, 2018

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Dive beneath the waves by day and by night. Cozy up around a bonfire to get in touch with your inner beach bum. Nothing compares to a few days disconnecting to connect with the wonders of the Caribbean Sea. Slip on your dive fins and get ready to enjoy endless pleasure of a resort where everything is always included, always, unlimited!

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Immerse yourself in five days of exhilarating aquatic adventures at the award-winning Luxury Included® Beaches Turks & Caicos! Plunge into endless blue waters to hunt for treasure. Come face to face with the infamous Lionfish.

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  • Daily Private Dive Trips
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  • Beach Bonfire
  • Receive a Swag Bag Loaded with Free Gifts and $200 in Red Lane® Spa Credit
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About West Caicos

West Caicos formerly known as Belle Island with only eleven square miles makes it perfect for viewing most of the island from to the top bridge of our Newton dive boats. The island offers beautiful low shore cliffs and a five mile long beach where snorkelers and beach bathers can enjoy.

Most, if not all of our diving sites at West Caicos are sheer wall drop offs which ranges from 40 ft up to 1000 ft in depth. Based on the various depth limitations West Caicos will be best to accommodate a more range of divers from beginning to diving up to Advance divers. The boat journey is roughly about 45 minutes from the south side marine

Drive Way

This dive site forms a very interesting reef for
beginners, as it encompasses a nice road shape
sandy bottom with the reef formation on both sides.
This site is a very good spot for an abundance of
juvenile fish, butterfly fish, Sargent majors, glassy eye
snappers and our favorite, the damsel fish. Their
nickname, "Disco Fish", is due to the fluorescent
lights around them.





boat cove

The top of the wall is a sandy plateau with many small
coral heads. The sandy area attracts many rays and
flounders as well as yellow coral shrimp. The reef on
top of the wall has small clumps of staghorn coral and
home to grunts, groupers, rooster- tail conch and
many other juvenile fish.

Spanish Anchor

The name Spanish Anchor comes from the old
anchor that is embedded in the coral within a swim
through at the wall. Watch carefully as the anchor
has been there so long it is completely encrusted
with sponges and coral. Very good spot for seeing
nurse sharks and groupers.





The wall begins in about 50f ft and the top lip of the wall is a
dense coral reef with many cleaning stations. The gulley gets its
name from the cut in the reef that forms two distinct sections
before dropping off vertically. The vertical wall here has many
undercuts covered in sponges and black corals.

Half Mile Reef

This reef is roughly half a mile long and lies to the east of
French Cay. A popular section of the reef is located in a
large bowl on the wall which tends to eliminate the effects
of currents encountered elsewhere on the reef. Large
schools of barracuda and mahogany snappers are
always present and two large (7-8 ft across) elephant ear
sponges are found twenty feet apart at the 85fsw contour.


About French Cay

Call them the Southern Cays or the South Cays, whichever you please; just expect to be thrilled with everything you find below the brilliant blue water that surrounds this little cluster of uninhabited rocky islands located southeast of West Caicos. During the summer, French Cay is an important breeding ground for nurse sharks, and as you're about to see, the entire region is simply splendid.

Here is a quick tour of just five favorite dive sites in Turks and Caicos' Southern Cays. Boat journey is roughly about 50 minutes from the south side marina.

half mile reef

Lying to the east of French Cay, this beautiful reef is about half a mile long. While most of the reef is subject to a current and fun for drifting, there is a bowl-like section which is famous for the huge elephant ear sponges that lie at its bottom, 85 feet beneath the surface.

The ancient sponges are approximately 8 feet across, and are 20 feet from one another; they are nestled among smaller sponges and coral formations, and the entire reef is populated with splendid fish in every color of the rainbow. Watch for mahogany snapper, blue tang, angelfish, and schooling barracuda as you explore, and enjoy the great visibility, which often reaches 100 feet





G spot

Best for experienced divers and named for the gorgonians that color this fascinating site, the G Spot is an excellent place to see groups of large eagle rays, huge spotted drum, and turtles, as well as countless other fish, invertebrates, and crustaceans, all of which seem to be in no particular hurry and which are more than happy to pose for photos.

The site features a lovely wall covered in colorful soft coral and sponge, which meets the seabed at 150 feet, and which offers visibility at about 100 feet most of the time. A light current keeps things looking brilliant, while ensuring all the creatures, which live here, are happy and well fed.

Double D

Named for the two massive coral-covered pinnacles that rise up from the ocean floor at about 50 feet beneath the surface, this site is located just a short distance from French Cay's bird sanctuary. With a lovely wall which is wreathed in brilliant hard and soft coral as well as sponges and sea fans, this underwater fantasyland is home to huge schools of jack and black durgeon, as well as countless groupers, barracuda, and other fish. Watch for sharks and turtles, and don't forget to look for macro life as you ascend. Visibility is usually between 75 and 100 feet.





Rock and Roll

While there is a magnificent wall beginning at 60 feet, Rock & Roll also possesses a magnificent forest of staghorn coral above the wall's edge, where you can find colorful life in all shapes and sizes. Everything from squirrelfish to chromis, anthias to octopus, and blue tang to gray angelfish enjoys the abundant nutrients that well up from the deeper areas below, and reef sharks, schooling jacks, and massive eagle rays can be seen cruising past.

There is a bit of current here, and visibility is usually between 75 and 100 feet. Excellent for photography, this site is best for intermediate divers and up.

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