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Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, Jamaica's internationally acclaimed rum brand, is poured at all
Beaches Resorts further enhancing the best Luxury-Included® resorts in the Caribbean.

...Beaches Resorts and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum are two of the most well-known and successful brands ever to emerge from the region...

"I'm delighted that we are able to join forces to offer the best of the Caribbean at our resorts. While Beaches is a global brand, we remain a family business that is passionately committed to our country of Jamaica and the region as a whole, and therefore it's great to see two local brands joining together to offer a true Caribbean experience and continue to exceed our guests' expectations"ADAM STEWART
CEO of Beaches Resorts

The Appleton Estate is a glorious and fertile land located in the heart of Jamaica and this treasure of a place is the birthplace of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum.

Appleton Estate – Discover the pleasure of enriching experience.Located in the lush Nassau Valley in St. Elizabeth, the Appleton Estate is a glorious fertile land hidden within the heart of Jamaica. For over 265 years we have been cultivating sugar cane and crafting the finest rum on the Appleton Estate, adding the warmth, passion and unique spirit of our Jamaica to every drop.

The beautifully complex and aromatic Appleton Estate rums are of a unique style, produced only in Jamaica, and only at the Appleton Estate and every step in the process is carefully managed, from the selection of the varieties of sugar cane that are grown on the Estate, to the natural culture of yeast used in fermentation, to our unique distillation and blending methods.

For those who look a little deeper, the Appleton Estate rewards you with a rum that is truly beautiful – delicious and alive, vivid and deep with flavour, complex and aromatic.

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