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A place to chill

trench town

Teens get their
game on

This hang out spot puts fun arcade games at kids' fingertips, from shooting hoops with electronic basketball setups
to lightning-fast laser hockey under club-like black lights. But Trench Town is more than a game room. It's a
teen-focused hot spot that reflects Jamaica's vibe and urban culture with graffiti wall murals and concert posters
plastered on the walls. In this space, kids can feel free to hang out and listen to Sirius Satellite Radio on Trench
Town's state-of-the-art sound system, or watch its enormous flat-screen TVs - all in a space created just for them.

  • Foosball

    Commercial-grade foosball table
    is designed to handle even the
    most hard-fought tournaments

  • Air Hockey

    Set under black lights, our
    ligtning-fast hockey tables
    provide endless hours of fun.

  • Basketball

    Our electronic basketball cages
    are guaranteed to score countless
    points with the young crowd.

  • Plasma TV

    Take a break from all the action on
    large comfy couches facing large
    flat screen TVs.