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All Sandals Resorts & Beaches Resorts participate in the EarthCheck benchmarking and certification programme. From recycling to conserving, ecological responsiveness is a Sandals commitment. Because our "green" resorts are made for love, loving the environment has become second nature.

All Our Resorts Participatein the EarthCheck programme

Our mission is to offer the ultimate Caribbean holiday experience by innovatively, reliably and consistently providing the safest and highest quality services and facilities to guests, while attaching a premium to our human resources and being among the most eco-friendly and community-friendly resorts in the hospitality industry.

Sound Environmental Practices Our Commitment to our Natural Resources

Staff AwarenessMonitoring of total water use on property (pools, guestrooms, kitchen, dining room and garden areas).

Water Conservation ProgrammeTeam members, participation in workshops and seminars conducted by the environmental committee, local government organizations, and also by non-governmental environmental organizations.

Energy Management ProgrammeUse of timers on electrical equipment such as; Jacuzzi blowers, steam rooms at the Spa, outdoor lighting for walkways, refrigeration equipment in the kitchens, etc.

Waste Management ProgrammeWaste disposal practices and procedures at the hotel such as recycle of linen and bed spreads, food, office paper, and packages.

Control of Hazardous SubstancesHotel determines suitability of product before any purchase is made and provide full training for staff whenever new chemicals or equipment are purchased for use in the hotel.

Social & Cultural DevelopmentPromoting and selling local tours and attractions with special recognition of "Green tours" at the tour desks. Inviting local craft vendors to the hotel at least once per week to display and sell their craft items.

The Sandals Earth Guard Policy

The Sandals Group is committed to providing quality holiday experiences for our guests while we work to minimize the environmental and social impacts associated with our operations.

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