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Make Bubbles at Beaches Resorts’ Scuba Program for Kids

October 22, 2015 - Beaches Resorts - Watersports

With more land and water sport inclusions than any other resort on the planet, Beaches Resorts has outdoor activities to fit everyone’s needs. Take the plunge into the Caribbean’s most comprehensive scuba diving program for adults… and kids! That’s right! You and your little ones can suit up and explore the deep blue sea together. The Bubblemaker Experience teaches young divers how to take their first breaths underwater, while under the care of PADI certified instructors.

The PADI Bubblemaker program allows children as young as 8 years old to experience what it’s like to swim with the fishes. Now, the entire family can learn how to explore the deep blue sea when vacationing at Beaches Resorts.

This innovative program is designed for any child interested in diving. Taught in a pool, they learn to breathe underwater with dive equipment, and how to swim with fins. They also perform general underwater skills through games, like ‘follow the leader.’

At the end of the one-hour program, they receive a certificate of completion, signifying that they are ready to dive. After which, these budding scuba experts can dive with an instructor in the ocean at a depth of 6 feet maximum.

For the more adventurous, older kids, who are eager to explore the world of scuba diving, the PADI Seal Team program is perfect for them. Parents can accompany them as they embark on the five Aqua Missions that can be taken within two days. The Aqua Missions teach kids how to put on and adjust aqua gear, check their air supply, and other vital safety tools. Upon completion, participants are awarded with a PADI Seal Team certificate.

You and your family can explore the islands underwater or above land, or go for something a little more low-key and set up shop in a cabana on the beach while soaking up the sun. Do it all or nothing at all, the choice is yours.

Call 1-888-BEACHES or visit us on the web to take the plunge today!