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Elite Daily Tells You How to #CheckInForGood With JetBlue For A Chance To Win A Volunteer Trip with the Sandals Foundation

November 07, 2017 - Beaches Resorts - Jamaica

JetBlue, the airline after my flash-sale-loving heart, calls "caring" its "copilot." And the company fully intends to honor its copilot this holiday season- this year, coinciding with JetBlue For Good Month (aka November), the airline is setting up check-in kiosks around New York City and Los Angeles so that anyone can #CheckInForGood and potentially win a volunteer trip with JetBlue to help communities in need.

As with anything JetBlue does, the charitable initiative isn't just brand-focused. It's centered around the very thing that makes JetBlue customers so loyal to the affordable airline that frequently rewards its customers with ultra cheap flight deals: community. Those interested in generously volunteering their time will have the opportunity to #CheckInForGood at a kiosk or — if outside New York City or Los Angeles — online at through Nov. 9.

What is #CheckInForGood?

No, you're not checking in for a flight when you're checking in for good. This check-in is simply a short questionnaire about what "good" you declare. Depending on your declaration, you'll be matched with a cause that falls into one of JetBlue For Good's key pillars — youth and education, community, and the environment. If selected as a volunteer, you and a guest will get to help out on one of JetBlue's volunteer trips. As on of the three soul-warming options, you can win a chance to give back with the Sandals Foundation in the Caribbean. The trip will take place Monday, November 27th through Wednesday, November 29th in order to aid local Caribbean community efforts in Jamaica.

As the philanthropic arm of Sandals and Beaches Resorts, The Sandals Foundation is committed to improving the lives of its local communities, supporting schools, facilities and centers across eight islands in the Caribbean. The Eltham Community Centre serves this rural area and the surrounding Ocho Rios region. Here, neighbors can gather for recreational activities and informative workshops, receive mentorship and gain access to free mental and dental care as well as spay and neuter services for animal clinics.  Volunteers on this trip will help paint, renovate and restore The Centre with upgrades to ensure it can continue to be a safe, healthy and inspiring space for both the young and elderly in the community.

Twenty-two people per trip (they all leave out of New York City, by the way) will be selected to participate. However, each winner will also be able to bring one guest along, JetBlue's press release reveals, meaning the impact is going to be twice as incredible. If you don't win, you will be put on "standby" for another chance to volunteer should a space open up. Sweetening the deal even further, JetBlue plans to give a $10 gift card to the first 2,000 people who #CheckInForGood, which they can use to donate to the charity of their choice.

Are you going to #CheckInForGood? Keep your eyes peeled for a kiosk if your in the NYC area, because Jamaica is ready for you! 

To find out more about the Sandals Foundation, visit here


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