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Beaches Resorts Awards & Recognitions

Beaches Resorts are the ultimate destinations for families of all ages seeking fun in the sun. Whether
splashing the day away in Jamaica or soaking up the rays in picture-perfect Turks & Caicos, our resorts have garnered a worldwide
reputation as among the best Caribbean all-inclusive resorts. An impressive list of awards and accolades proudly showcases some of our
greatest accomplishments. While this recognition is always appreciated, it is the enthusiastic feedback from our guests that inspires us to
continue to be the top-rated all-inclusive resorts and exceed expectations every day.


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Junior Design Awards

Junior is a family lifestyle website with a lively mix of informative features and expert advice on all aspects of child development, education and health, as well as glorious children's fashion, inspirational interiors and child-friendly travel suggestions. Junior honors those celebrating everything beautiful in a child's life through the awarding of the prestigious annual award: Junior Design Award.

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Flight Centre

Flight Centre USA is one of the world’s leading travel consulting companies that offer travel advice and vacation planning services, and also honor industry leaders each year. Surveys are sent to all Liberty Travel Agents, FCm Travel Solutions employees, GOGO reservation agents and all Flight Centre staff at headquarters.


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